Infection control V.1.3

Control the zombie infection !

A zombie infection is spreading in the city... Use your arsenal, ranging from modified viruses to good old explosive warheads, to save as many humans as possible. Unless you are the made scientist responsible of that outbreak ? Collateral victims can't be avoided though.

Will those 20 different weapons and devices be sufficient to handle the 5 different challenges ?

In that game, you'll mostly play short but intense sessions, either in realtime or in turnbased. A wide range of gameplay is allowed by letting you choose from a range of to themed weapon lists such as "Random", “Biological war”, “Army men”, or “Demolition man”.

If you like it, have any suggestions, spotted a bug or wish to follow its development, check its Indiedb page !!


Everything is controlled with the mouse : click on the play area to nuke zombies

f : show fps
esc : go back to menu
z : restart the mission


There is no online version anymore ( stopped supporting applets). Also, I have only tested the windows version, so Let me know how good the linux and mac version work ...:




Built with Processing - Source code in .zip files.

Game elements

Zombies will try to attack to attack any humans (including soldiers) and infect them. Though, your biologists have developed 2 new virus strains. One that you can inoculate to humans, and which creates short lived zombies zombies that will attack both humans and zombies. It might be useful to create firebreaks. Another, the Bioweapon, will turn zombies against each other, but have them to ignore healthy humans. A powerful weapon against the plague, but probably not sufficient to make sure none of the rotting creatures escapes.

Humans will panic when they see a zombie or too many people panicking, and try to flee as far as possible. They might calm down after a while. Apart from disorganization, this has not much impact yet. Who knows, maybe one day, it might lead to whole crowds being crushed...

You can also train soldiers, a powerful protection against zeds. They have a limited supply of weapons (those short of supply will be displayed in dark blue), and try to share their ammunition. You be careful to keep resupplying them and keep them grouped. The HQ is an expensive but powerful tool for that as it will train, resupply and keep soldiers grouped.

A wide range of explosives, construction material and other devices is also available to you.

- nuke : destroy everything in a relatively small area
- train soldiers : turn some humans into soldiers who will shoot at zombies (but these can be turned into zomies too)
- troops supply : gives ammo to troops (each soldier is limited to 8 shots)
- group troops : have soldiers to stay relatively close to de signated place
- disband : soldiers will go away from the place
- headquarter : every turn will turn close humans inot soldiers, have them to stay close to the place and give them ammo
- quick bomb : after 1/4 of a turn, will explode  with a medium sized radius
- bomb : after 1/2 of a turn, will explode
- big bomb : after 3/4 of a turn will explode with a large radius
- mine : will explode when a zombie gets close
- big mine : wil explode when a zombie gets close (relatively large radius)
- mine field : drops many mines in the area
- drop dirt : drops material similar to walls (zombies can dig it)
- pour concrete : drops material in a small area, harder for the zombies to dig.
- meeting point : humans will gather around on place.
- forbidden area : humans will flee the area
- zombie bait : zombies will be attracted
- zombie repellent : zombies should flee the area
- inoculate humans : will turn humans into short lived zombies that will attack both humans and zombies (every new generation is weaker, so after a while they all die)
- bioweapon : will turn zombies into short lived zombies, attacking only usual zombies.

Various game info and references

Original code from John Gilbertson, who took it himself from Kevan.
Atom Zombie Smasher, Rogue Survivor, Survival Crisis Z and Omar Oyster Outing have been good sources of inspiration too.
Liquid War is another cool, pixel based, strategy game that might have influenced me.


Now that something looking like an interface has been created, later work will focus on new weapons and the improvement of the existing one (I am looking at you "meeting point"). Expect to be able to give move orders too.

At further stage, I should also investigate new behaviours, such as panicked population crushing each other, vaccine, injured, more infection types...

Finally, the code is organised to allow easy translation. I will very probably do a french one, let me know if you are ready translate it to any other languages. I don't know yet if it would be easy to display Cyrillic or other alphabets... But it would definitely be worth to try it !

Changelog :

05/12/2013 – V.1.3
- Heavy work to create something looking like a proper user interface, with an initial screen,

missions, a beginning and an end. Minor tweaks on the attractor and repulsor devices.

17/05/2013 – V.1.2
- Added 18 new weapons (troops supply, group troops, disband, headquarter, quick bomb, bomb, big bomb, mine, big mine, mine field, drop dirt, pour concrete, meeting point, forbidden area, zombie bait, zombie repellent, inoculate humans, bioweapon)
- Created the weapon lists
- Some changes to the interface

14/05/2013 – V1.1
- Display is now twice bigger (and can be changed in code)
- Some interface changes